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Learn How to Easily Make Delicious, Nutritious Cakes

Have you always wanted to come to a Caramelia Cakery workshop but you live in a country, far, far away and are unable to attend?

Or do you even live near but with time constraints/children/being on the go means you can't attend a workshop?

Do you dream of crafting the most gorgeous looking AND tasting cakes but don't know your date caramel from your cashew dough?

Do you want to literally have your cake and eat it, with the knowledge that you are nourishing your body AND mind?

Do you want your family to be eating cakes that are free from nasty additives and artificial colours, and modern day allergens such as wheat and soya?!

Would you love to be able to make a profit from making your own WonderCake creations, selling them to friends and beyond?

Would you just love to sink your teeth into a cake that requires NO cooking or baking, that is free from gluten, refined sugar, eggs and dairy, yet still tastes like a slice of heaven?

Then you have most definitely come to the right place! Welcome to the decadently tasty AND nutritious world of Caramelia Cakery... it's a sparkly place to be!

Let me Introduce Myself!

Victoria Leith of Caramelia Cakery

I am Victoria Leith, founder of Caramelia Cakery. I have been making what is known as 'raw' cakes for seven years and have written recipe books, been regularly featured in Get Fresh magazine and various other magazines and ezines with my recipes as well as launching a You-Tube series on how to make raw dishes including delicious cookies, creams, smoothies and more.

I am a mother to two girls - one is still a little baby and my seven year old has been enjoying my cakes since she turned one, when I made my first raw birthday cake and it was devoured by little and big mouths all round!

I kept making cakes for family and friends and people kept asking (sometimes begging!) for me to sell my creations. I made a cake for a wedding and one for a beautiful friend who passed away, for her funeral. I wanted to make these cakes to be magical and awesome and with NO compromise on taste.

WonderCake Raw Cake Crafting eLearning course

I had an AHA! moment when incredible and awe-inspiring raw chef Russell James said my cake was the best he'd ever tasted! I had more testimonials rolling in, admiring colours, textures and how to bring layers together to make spectacular cakes.

I started to run workshops and have in the meantime taught many people how to make their own cakes at home. I am a qualified teacher with a B.Ed Degree (Hons) in Language Arts so know how to effectively deliver in a fun, engaging and memorable manner!

But still... more people were asking me to run workshops but they lived in Australia, Germany, USA and Sweden! So I thought about it, lived in China for a year, had a baby and then thought about it some more! Then I decided finally... to let the cakes come to you. And then WonderCakeCrafting 101 ecourse was born!

Wondercake crafting 101 course detials
Wondercake crafting 101 course detials

In this nine week e-course you will learn all of my cake-making secrets.

Let me run you through what you'll get for participating in my WonderCake Course!

  • Make amazing cakes using only the finest natural ingredients that you, your family and friends will love and devour. Discover how to use fruits and vegetables to make your cakes come alive in a burst of natural colours. Your cakes will taste incredible and look aesthetically awesome!
  • Make the most of your equipment to get different textures and flavours through various exciting processing methods
  • Craft your own WonderCakes that you can choose to either eat yourself or SELL for a profit! I will talk you through everything I did to set myself up and sell recipe books. I will make it a walk in the park - AND you will get my personal assistance every step of the way if you decide to do that!
  • Make glorious and beautiful layers with superfoods to make your cakes exquisite and stand out from the rest of the cakes on the pot luck or party table!
  • Learn how to use moulds to create different effects and to make your cakes look professional, with minimum fuss and effort.

Making raw cakes is easier than you think!

I know this because I am not a natural cake baker.

When I discovered I had a talent for making raw cakes (cakes that require no cooking!) with natural ingredients and which could pass as some or more of my 'five a day', I was over the moon! When people started to buy my cakes, I couldn't believe it! Many people attended my workshops and said things like 'I love your cakes - I'd never be able to make them like you though!' Then I would teach them a few tricks and they'd be making creations to rival mine!

I then launched my first recipe e book and it sold 300 copies! That's just little me, making my humble (yet awesome!) cakes and making MONEY from them!

So guess what! I will also teach you how YOU can make a profit from selling cakes and recipe books - all in a pinch! Easy to do... nothing fancy required. Just a bit of effort and lots of passion!

benefits of wondercake crafting 101 elearning coursebenefits of wondercake crafting 101 elearning course

How excited are you?

Treat yourself to an amazing new skill.

What you get:

  • Nine-week e-course on cake-crafting
  • Admission to my private VIC facebook group (Very Important Cakes - only for e-course participants!) where I will be there on hand to answer any cake-making queries and you’ll get new videos and recipes FIRST!
  • One year of free email support when ever you need it for me to guide you through making or selling your cakes.

wondercake crafting 101 elearning course run downwondercake crafting 101 elearning course run down

Here’s a run-down of the weekly Modules, delivered each week to your inbox!

Remember, you will be able to do the work when YOU are free and when you have the time.

Each lesson I deliver to you will combine a mixture of video tutorials, PDF workbooks and full assistance from me in the VIC Facebook group, whenever you need me.

participants enjoying themselves at a wondercake workshop
  • WonderCake Crafting - The Introduction!
    In this lesson, I will introduce you to everything you need: materials, ingredients and tools to make fabulous cakes.
  • Crafting Colours, Crafting Taste
    In this lesson, you will learn how to make vibrant colours using only natural ingredients and I will show you how to get the best effects when you come to make your own cakes. You will also learn how to make cakes taste delightful... there's a trick to it! It takes some practice but it is well worth it.
  • Cake Time!
    I will teach you how to make my signature Cake of Wonderment! There is an adapted version in my current recipe book but this is the real deal and it gets everybody talking at the dinner table. Get your apron on ready!
  • Crafting a Cake
    In this lesson, I will guide you how to make your own cake! This will involve posting your efforts up (either in videos or photos) on the VIC Facebook group - it is as if you are in a physical workshop with me!
  • Cake Time Part 2!
    I show you step-by-step how to make my indulgent raw Caramelia Christmas Cake - this WILL blow everyone's socks off at Christmas time and I will add in some extras too - how to decorate your incredible raw Christmas Cake!
  • Cake Time Part 3!
    I will share with you my top secret divinely incredible chocolate cake recipe... it is SO good but keep the recipe SHHH!!
  • Crafting a Cake Part 2
    Now it is time to put all your learned knowledge to practice again. You will make a whole cake from start to finish and I will help you plan it and guide you through as much as you need.  This time, you will need taste testers and we will post the results up and share... then you will be able to see how you could tweak it or what went perfectly right!
  • Finishing touches
    In this lesson, I will show you how with a few simple flourishes, you can make cakes look really great... even good enough to sell!
  • The Big Sell
    This is the final lesson for this course and I will take you through what I did to set myself up to sell my cakes.

So that’s the course... :) I am so excited to share the cake-crafting journey with you! Let's get you making cakes in no time!

wondercake crafting 101 please enrol now

The course is available now

Enrol NOW and start making awesome healthy cakes

Only £20 / $30 for the entire nine weeks and access to the VIC support group.

I will also give you a free video and tutorial on how to get a simple recipe book together, how to sell it AND how to set up a launch on Facebook! I did this myself and sold 300 books in 24 hours - I can tell you, I was super pleased with that and got to keep 100% of the profits!

You also get free admission to the secret VIC Facebook group - I will be very active in there, answering any questions you might have.

Free email support for a year! ANYTIME you want my input on Cake-Crafting!

Here’s what other people thought about their cake crafting experiences

WonderCake Crafting what you learn

I was lucky enough to attend one of Victoria's live cakery workshops last year and wow was the 5-hour journey to London worth it. Not only did I get to make an epic Cake of Wonderment but I learned loads about where to get some super-cool ingredients too. Victoria is such a darlin' and genuinely cares about giving everyone the best darn healthy cake experiences in the world. As a certified 'cake queen' with allergies to everything, I can't recommend Victoria's courses and classes enough. She's yummy!
Star Khechara, Bad-Ass Biz Babe and vegan cake muncher (attended workshop in London UK)

WonderCake Crafting what you learn

I really enjoyed Victoria's Caramelia Cakery workshop at The Raw Chef's HQ in Brixton, London. Victoria expertly led a three-hour class, showing us creative ways to make our own amazingly magical and delicious all-raw, all-natural cakes. I'd definitely recommend Victoria's workshops (and eating her cakes!) as part of a natural and healthy lifestyle.
Martin Clark, Editor Om Yoga Magazine (attended workshop in London UK)

WonderCake Crafting what you learn

The wonderful Victoria Jane Leith did an amazing job of showing us some of her great creations and let us experiment, learn, and create for ourselves.
Nina Lembcke-Beattie (attended workshop in Northants UK)

WonderCake Crafting what you learn

I had tasted Victoria's cakes before, (so I've been to tummy heaven a few times!) but how they were made was a complete mystery, until I was able to attend a workshop.  It was beyond all expectation, fun, fascinating and thought-provoking. My 12-year-old daughter loved it too, and came home saying, "There's not much point in living if you're not learning, is there Mummy?"  Victoria is a wonderful teacher and I'd recommend anyone to go on her workshops who is interested in food that is delicious and nutritious.
Lou Armitt, Film Maker (attended workshop in Northants UK)

WonderCake Crafting what you learn

Wow this girl makes great magical cakes! The afternoon was a wonderful shared space of creation led by Victoria and offered a great opportunity to come together, exchange share and learn, and needless to say all the beautiful vibrant cakes were yummy too.
Emma Stott (attended workshop in Northants UK)

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